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VB Net Maker 2 2

VB Net Maker 2 2: A Generator to browse a Data Base and build VB Net Modules for VS2005! foreign keys. Choose one table, and this generator builds a template of Aspx, with 4 sections: Labels and DropDown Lists for each field of the Primary Key, Form with a label and a text box for each field of the table, and a drop down list for each field associated with a foreign key (n-1), grid for the whole table, with select button, grid for each Foreign Key 1-n. All information is linked together. Buttons Ok (update and insert), Cancel and delete

MSSQL Database to MySQL Conversion Tool Utility for converting MSSQL to MySQL database supports trigger, view, tables
MSSQL Database to MySQL Conversion Tool

key constraints like unique key, primary key and foreign key. Software maintains the integrity of database (when it was commit) at the moment of conversion. Database migration tools support various popular versions of MSSQL (200, 2005) and MySQL (4.0, 4.1, 5.0). Application provides interactive graphical user interface to make software easy and proficient for converting database from MSSQL format to MySQL without need of much technical knowledge

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MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion 5.0.1: Database conversion software converts MySQL database records into MSSQL database
MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion 5.0.1

Database conversion software converts MySQL database records into MSSQL database with key constraints, primary foreign key. Freeware MySQL to MSSQL database conversion tool application efficiently and accurately converts database records created in MySQL to MSSQL database server. MySQL to MSSQL migration software easily create new database and save converted MySQL database records into MSSQL or overwrite converted database with an existing MSSQL.

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Convert Access Database To Sql Convert Whole records from MS Access to MySQL server using migration application
Convert Access Database To Sql

MS Access to MySQL database migration tool converts single table or entire table of MS Access to MySQL database server even convert password protected MS Access records. Tool is based on Unicode architecture for database integrity. Support all major versions of MS Access and MySQL database. No any changes in primary keys, null keys, foreign keys, schemas, attributes and relationship of two or more tables. Easily install on Windows Vista, XP.

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MSSQL Database Converter Database record converter software migrate MSSQL data collection to MySQL server
MSSQL Database Converter

keys constraints (primary key, foreign key), null, default values, triggers etc. * Support all available Microsoft SQL server versions. * Provide comprehensive database conversion solution and maintain integrity. * Facilitate to save database at new location or update existing records. * Works in both mixed and windows authentication mode. * Support all windows based operating system including all available version of Vista. * No technical skill

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Cornolius Professional Database 1.0.300

foreign keys. A primary key is a value that can be used to identify a particular row in a table, so it should be unique and unchangeable during the course of normal operations of the database; A primary key in one table can exist as a foreign key in another table; This what constitute a relationship between the two tables; In other words, a foreign key in a table is a value that points to a similar and unique value (or primary key) in another table

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ERD Concepts 5.5: Database designer and query tool
ERD Concepts 5.5

ERD Concepts is a database designer and sql query tool for all major databases. Create a complete and professional ERD diagram design with tables, foreign keys, views, stored procedures and more. Design and live database access in a consistent user interface. You can connect to almost any database through ADO/ODBC. ERD Concepts will reverse engineer an already existing database and translates it afterwards to your own DBMS environment.

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